Culinary Mirepoix

Culinary Mirepoix
Photo Credit: Olive O’Brien

Mirepoix (pronunciation: meer-PWAH) is an aromatic flavour vegetable base made from a variety

of vegetables such as onions, celery and carrots to name a few.

Mirepoix can be used as a base when roasting joints of meat and can also be used as a base for cooking some soups.

The purpose of using mirepoix for cooking is to enhance the flavours of the dish.

Ingredients_for_MirepoixMirepoix Ingredients

2 x carrots

4 x celery stems

1 x leek

1 x onion

2 cloves of garlic (optional)


Wash the carrots, leek and celery and remove the outer skin from the onions and garlic. Roughly chop.

If using as a base to cook a joint of meat or a chicken place all roughly chopped veg in a roasting dish and place the meat on top. Add little water to the base.

There is no need for oils or butter (generally used in French style cooking) as all meats including poultry contain their own fat and these fats will be released during the cooking process.


Photo Credit: Olive O’Brien

Depending on the type of meat or poultry being cooked the following herbs can also be used.

Lamb, you can use Rosemary or Mint

Beef will be enhanced Oregano or Thyme

Pork works best with Sage

Duck is delightful with orange skins

Chicken/Turkey favours Parsley and Thyme

Cooked Meat

Once the joint or poultry has completed the cooking process, remove from the roasting tray.

Place a strong sieve over a pot and drain all the liquid from the roasting dish through the sieve into the pot.

If you are not making gravy straight away allow to cool.

Once cooled a layer of lard (fat) will appear on top, gently remove this fat and you can use the jelly consistency underneath to make a flavoursome gravy.

Gravy Ingredients

Flavoured jelly

Red Wine

1 x tsp. Tomato Puree

2 x tbsp. Gravy Granules

Making the Gravy

When you are ready to make the gravy slowly heat the jelly and add some red wine.

Allow the liquid to cook and then add tomato puree, whisking all the time to evenly cook.

Once the liquid slowly comes to the boil gradually add the gravy granules to thicken, if the consistency is too thick, slowly add boiling water to your liking.

Add to gravy boat and serve immediately with your cooked joint or poultry.

10 thoughts on “Culinary Mirepoix”

  • Thanks a lot for such an amazing review of Mirepoix and explanations given.

    In a restaurant I ate a dish that had been cooked using mirepoix and I liked it a lot, so I decided to look up the recipe on the internet, I read a lot of articles but this was the best I found. I will definitely try this recipe at home.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your feedback Razvanllie much appreciated, please feel free to share on your social media account. 

      Thank you, Olive 

  • Wow! Looks luxurious and delicious! I like it. 

    Thank you very much for the recipe for mirepoix. I am among those who love to cook, but often I run out of cooking ideas so this will come in very handy. 

    By the way, the name Culinary Mirepoix is this self-made or where did it come from?

    • Hi Kylie

      Thanks for your comments glad you found this article useful. 

      The name culinary mirepoix means a French Style cooking method. 

      Hope you enjoy experimenting the next time you cook meat or poultry. 

      All the best, Olive 

  • I recently moved from California to Delaware, and I am having a hard time eating well.   I wouldn’t say I like to cook. 

    I lived in the Los Angeles area and had plenty of good places to order food to go. It was very convenient.  Now in Delaware, I am not finding a lot of good options, and I think it’s time for me to learn how to cook. 😁

    Your culinary mirepoix seems like a perfect start. Once I master it, I could use it as a base for chicken and meat. 

    Thank you for providing step-by-step details of how to do it.  I will give it a try.

    • Thank you Jose for sharing your thoughts.  I know how difficult it can be especially if you move location and the outlets that you would have normally relied on for food are no longer available. 

      This website is aimed at those individuals who are learning how to cook as well as giving those who can cook a bit more to add to their repertoire.  

      The mirepoix adds a little something different to a roast dinner so go on and try it for yourself.

      Enjoy and let me know how you get on, Olive  

  • Olive,

    Mirepoix sounds like it could make any dish exquisite.  

    Even if we’ve had a bad experience trying to cook, it is clear you want us to succeed, all we have to do is carefully follow your instructions. 

    The combination of the carrot, onion, and celery sounds like it provides the secret flavour to a good roast.  And thanks for the optional herb-to-type of meat guide.


    • Hi JR 

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised once you try cooking joints or poultry with mirepoix.

      It works equally as well if not better in a slow cooker and there is no end to the herbs that can be used, let your imagination run wild. 

      Enjoy and do let me know how you get on, Olive 

  • Seems a lot like your mirepoix recipe can quite seamlessly be added to any diet. It would definitely be a plus if it can be stored and refrigerated for later use.

    Now if that happens to be possible, are there any lose in flavor and break down of the veggies resulting from refrigerating it?

    Kindly get back and thanks for sharing

    • Hi Lyke

      Thanks for your comment and good question.  

      You are correct the mirepoix recipe works with any kind of diet as it is merely vegetables and herbs in the main. 

      Mirepoix is oven-baked, roasted or slow-cooked over a period of time for the sole purpose of enhancing the flavour of the joint or bird that is lies upon it, and then using the juices created to make a gravy or jus.  

      You could not re-use or refrigerate the mirepoix after use as the vegetables would be soft and all the flavour and goodness from the vegetables has already been used. 

      Let me know how you get on if you decide to try it.  All the best, Olive

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