Fried Liver with Onions and Bacon

Fried Liver with Onions and Bacon

This was another recipe that my mother favoured when we were children growing up. Again most probably because it was a cheaper option to feed all 8 of us together and didn’t require too much time or effort.

It’s funny I can almost hear some folk being aghast with this recipe which is essentially offal and in particular this liver one which is quite a strong tasting and is often not to everybody’s liking.

So, I won’t lecture you on the goodness of eating liver because if you don’t like it, it won’t matter as you will probably never try liver.


A Pan, Baking Tray, Thongs, Chopping board and a sharp knife.


Photo Credit: Olive O’Brien

1 x Liver (one piece per serving)

1 x Rasher (one piece per serving)

2 x Onions, peeled & sliced

½ x tsp Thyme

100mls Gravy

50mls Red wine

Little oil for cooking

Cooking Time & Temperature

Preheat oven 180° / 365 F o Gas Mark 4 for 10 mins


Place pan on the hob and allow to get hot before adding cooking oil. Gently add one piece of the liver at a time to the pan being careful not to get any oil splashes.

When the liver has browned turn the pieces to cook opposite side and after about 2 mins add half of the red wine to the pan to allow the wine to reduce down, cook-off, i.e. evaporate.

Transfer the seared liver to a baking tray and add the raw bacon to the same tray before placing in a preheated hot oven at 180° for 10 mins.

This gives the liver time to cook through completely while the bacon is also cooking.

Photo Credit: Olive O’Brien

Meanwhile, using the same pan, add a splash of oil and add the sliced onions, sauté them gently and when they begin to brown add the remaining 25mls of red wine.

Simmer for about 3 mins and add the ready-made gravy to the onions stirring all the way through.

When liver and bacon is cooked add to a serving dish and pour over the onions and gravy.

Serving Suggestions

This dish is delightful served with mashed potatoes and green peas or fried potatoes/chunky chips.

Alternatively, it can also be served on a bed of green salad.

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